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On Display at the NC Zoo
How do these people know each other? Brian Ceccarelli knows Mike Collins because they went to college together at the University of Arizona. Stan Varnas knows Brian because they worked together at GE Capital in Raleigh. Stephanie Gervase knows Stan because they worked together at a company that has long since gone belly up. Stephanie knows Jim Sahadi through a friend and brought Jim to a FOW rehearsal. Jim knows Julee Glaub because they went to church together in Durham. Julee's friends are Kevin Goodan and Brian Conway.

3 Specimens
North Carolina Zoo
Kevin and Julee Mike Collins
Mke Collins looking for the amp . . .
Kevin laughing on his bodran with Julee having a good time.
Young Jim Sahadi! Brian and Julee
Jim Sahadi 20 years ago.
Brian Conway and Julee
Brian Ceccarelli
Stan Varnas
Stan Varnas
guitar, vocals, lyrics & music
Fields of White
Brian Ceccarelli
Fields of White
Fields of White at the Great American Gospel Fest
Mike Collins
Jim Sahadi at the old prison in Raleigh, North Carolina.
FOW at the North Carolina Museum of Art. From L-R: Mike Collins, Stan Varnas, Stephanie Gervase, Brian Ceccarelli, Jim Sahadi

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