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"Christians are divided into two camps here. There is the threatre-picketing camp and there is the I-like-Harry-Potter camp. This web-page has two parts. The first part is an interview with a threatre-picketing Christian. The second part is an interview with a more middle-of-the-line Christian."

Interview with a Normal Christian
# Question Answer
1 Have you read Harry Potter? Yes.
2 Have you seen the movie? Yes.
3 Did you enjoy them? Yes. I liked the book better though. The book does a better job at character build-up. Even though the movie follows the book, the movie moves too fast to really capture the strengths and weaknesses of each character.
4 Why aren't you picketing the movie like your Christian brothers and sisters over there? Because unlike them, I have read the book. I am able place the movie's wizardry into the fictional cupboard where the author intended it to be. The book is not really about wizardry and witchcraft anyway.  It is about love and courage and the value of life.
5 Is the Bible against wizardry and witchcraft? Yes. And the Bible teaches that there is no such thing as a good witch. That is why my Christian brothers and sisters over there are being the way they are.
6 So the Bible says something about wizardry and witchcraft? Yes. The Bible is very explicit over issues of witchcraft. It is a Biblical fact that 1) real witches exist and 2) there is no such thing as a good witch. For an example of a real witch, check out the witch of Endor in 1 Samuel 28. The witch of Endor could conjure spirits from the dead. She conjured up the dead prophet Samuel for King Saul.
7 Is something bad about conjuring up a spirit from the dead? Yes. There is no purpose to it since a person can go directly to God for any answers of this nature. Hence, the dead prophet Samuel himself reprimanded King Saul for using the witch to conjure him up! Saul could have gone right to the source. Also, there is great danger in going any other route. Any other source can yield the wrong answer as well as harm all the people involved..
8 Other source? What? Are you implying that there are unreliable supernatural sources, even ones that do harm? Yes. The Bible teaches that are two pools of supernatural forces. 1) The angels loyal to God. 2) The angels loyal to Satan. While 2/3s of the angels are truthful and remain loyal to God, the Bible teaches that 1/3 of the angels rebelled against God. This 1/3 we call demons. Their leader, Satan, is also a demon. Satan is not the evil counterpart of God for God created Satan. Satan is a just a created being who got a big head, and who exercised his free will and chose to be against God. The demons are bent on destroying what God created. Satan purposes to destroy us because we humans are made in God's image, an image which Satan despises.

As opposed to the movie It's a Wonderful Life, angels are not "passed-on humans with wings" but rather a higher-level and different species altogether. In the pecking order of living creatures, angels are higher than man. Angels can wield their influence over a man as a man can wield his influence over an animal. Just as a man can make his dog roll-over, a demon can also make his human roll-over. This is what makes angels dangerous. A single angel can throw an entire army into chaos. A single angle can destroy an entire army.
9 So witchcraft invokes the wrong powers? Yes. That is the Christian's main concern. All witchcraft uses demons. Or more likely, the demons use the witches to attain their end. The witches are not in control. The demons are in control--to the detriment of the witches.
10 There is no such thing as a good witch? Correct. There is no such thing as a good witch.
11 Does a witch herself have any mental powers? The witch herself does not have any power. She is just a human. She calls on the demon who has the power to do the work. If a "good" witch attempts to heal you, she is really dispatching a demon to roam inside your innards. Does the demon have the knowledge to fix your health problem? Unlike Jesus, the demon did not create you so the demon is a quack doctor.
12 Why is there no such thing as a good witch? Because witches, like the witch of Endor, do not ask God for answers. They avoid God. God is the one who has all the right answers. Other sources do not. Witches go the demons, sometimes without even knowing it, to invoke their power. The way of approaching a demon is opposite to that of approaching God. A witch will clear her mind, (go into a trance), which opens the door of her brain for the demon to come right in. A Christian, however, will ask God for help with his mind in tact and eyes wide open. God wants you to approach him as if approaching a king. He wants you to approach with all your wits.

The responses are as different as the approaches. A demon's response is to enter and take control over the witch's body. The witch won't be able to get rid of the demon. Chaos and lack of control are associated with demon contact. This ain't pleasant for the witch and it becomes a lifetime problem for the witch for she is no longer in control of her own self. God on the other hand, or one of his loyal angels, makes an announcement upon his arrival. As opposed to entering in the back door, God comes to the front door, rings the bell, and opens the conversation with gentleness. God's approach is powerful, but is it like that of a loving father. God is not interested in control or secrecy. He's up front and in the open.
13 What chance do I have to resist a demon? None without Jesus. No piece of garlic, no silver bullet, no boiled toads or wizard spells can save you from the wrath of a demon. Would your dog holding up a piece of garlic prevent you from giving him a spanking? The only chance you have is calling upon God. And to call upon God, you first have to trust God. God is more powerful than Satan for God created Satan. As your dog yields to you, Satan yields to God.

Please understand this concept: When you put your trust in Jesus (who is God: John 1, John 8:58), he puts his Spirit in you. When you have his Spirit, you have the divine nature living inside you. That divine nature, by its very definition, places you over the demons. The demons no longer have power over you because God lives in you. That is why Paul says in 2 Co 4:4, that the primary purpose of Satan is to blind your eyes to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For once you see and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ, Satan no longer has any power over you.
14 That's all very interesting. But back to Harry Potter. So even with all that witchcraft going on, does it bother you that the Harry Potter masquerades those darks arts as good arts? Yes. It does bother me. As a piece of fiction and a lesson in morals, Harry Potter is really good and fun. But the moment I start thinking about Harry Potter's spiritual accurateness, I get uneasy. In the light of the Bible, having children play with wizardry is like having children play with loaded guns and bombs. Wizardry is the mental equivalent of physical devastation. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. The less I know about the God's perspective on witchcraft, the more I enjoy of Harry Potter. Nonetheless, I was indeed able to put the wizardry of Harry Potter in its fictional cupboard and enjoy it. I have read all the books. They are all entertaining.
15 Would you take Jesus to see Harry Potter? No. But then most movies I would not take Jesus to see. I think Jesus would fear for the safety of those children who would be inspired to practice real witchcraft on account of the movie. I'd take him to see Monsters, Inc. though.
The Interview with a Threatre-Picketing Christian
# Question Answer
1 I see you out here in front of the Crossroads Cineplex 20. What do you have against Harry Potter? He's a wizard.
2 What's bad about that? Wizards and witches. They are all evil. They are anti-God. They are anti-Christ. Wizardry and witchcraft badly influence our young. My neighbor's kids are now casting spells on my children. It's just awful!
3 So you are not going to let your children see Harry Potter? Of course not.
4 Have you seen the movie Harry Potter? No.
Have you read the book? No.
6 Do you know that the Harry Potter books teach morals and good ones at that? No.
7 Do you think that "love one another" is evil? Of course not.
8 Do you think that "self-sacrifice and love conquers evil" is bad? Of course not.
9 Do you think that having the courage to stand up against evil and having the courage to stand up to your friends when they do something bad, are bad? Of course not.
10 Did you know that those morals are the climax to Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone? No. I didn't read the book or see the movie.

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