To the right is a list of controversial Bible topics. Each topic contains some frequently asked questions and my answers to them.

These topics ride the edge of Christendom. If you are not a Christian, past answers to these questions may have pushed you away from Christ. I am sorry for that. You should get answers which are scientifically satisfying. You should come to Christ with the real facts in hand.

If you are a Christian, especially if you regard yourself as a fundamentalist, my answers will upset you. Believe me, I am a Christian. But I am not a fundamentalist. I am not a liberal either. I am just a plain Christian, and that is the only thing that matters. You may have preconceived biases. Try to put them aside. Chances are, is that I am going to step on a few of them. I am not interested in appealing to any group of people. I am only interested in presenting the truth for all people,

My hope for my readers, is that you are skeptical, inquisitive and logical. I don't expect you to be a Christian. I don't expect you to be an atheist either. I just expect you to exercise your mind as well as your heart.
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Many people write commentaries. So why should you listen to me? What are my credentials? First of all, you are not listening to the opinions of one insignificant Brian Ceccarelli. I am not making anything up. I am only reporting facts firmly established centuries ago. What makes my commentaries different, is that I am reporting them in context--something which you probably not have read. Secondly, you should listen to me because I see the Bible from the vantage point of a Christian as well as a scientist.

It is important that I am a Christian. Only Christians understand the gospel of Christ. Only Christians know who Christ is and why. And therefore, only a Christian can report God's design with authority. An unbeliever cannot report, because an unbeliever is spiritually blind to the concepts. An unbeliever guesses, such as Bart Ehrman guesses, but even with a PhD, Dr. Ehrman is blind and does not understand. He misses even the basic points. Further, an unbeliever does not see that he doesn't understand. Since he is blind, he thinks there is nothing more. A whole universe can be before his eyes, yet he cannot see it. He can know that there is a Sun, a Moon and stars. But he cannot describe it. An unbeliever has no authority in describing the gospel of Christ . What can a person who does not know Christ tell you about Christ?

It is also important that I know science. Today's controversies and ongoing confusion stem from a lack of people who have such a background. Not only am I a Christian, not only have I taught Adult Bible Studies for years, but also I have a degree in physics and astronomy from the University of Arizona. And I, professionally, have been a computer programmer. I know logic. It is not easy to blow a logic or science error by me and get away with it.

Because I am a Christian, I expect the accuracy of Biblical truths to be on par with the accuracy of the laws of the universe. I expect this because the same God who created the truths behind the Bible is the same being who created the universe. I expect order. I expect consistency. I expect to be awed. I expect the complicated to reduce to the elegantly simple. If a Christian speaker, such as Kent Hovind, makes a science mistake, I catch it immediately. If a Christian theologian, such as Page Patterson makes a theological logic error, I catch it immediately. To me, this kind of discernment has been both a blessing and a curse. For on one hand, God has used me to lead engineers to Christ. On the other hand, it has gotten me kicked out of teaching Adult Sunday School at a Southern Baptist church.

For your sake, I hope that after you read these commentaries, that you will become a Christian. Trusting in Christ is the single most important decision, and the most rewarding decision, you can ever make in your life. It is the only decision that changes the outcome of your life forever.

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